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Thanks for your input. I hope you will have a funny day! Kind regards, Jyrziu. F Cached files don't show up as media.. Any ideas? Hey that is awlose. How do I add a Spotify ringtone to my iPhone contacts? Roselauricella wrote: What's a Spotify Rock Star , and how do I become one? Hi Daniel I did download the app though so shouldn't I be able to apply songs to my contacts? Roselauricella No. I need ringtone Spotify???

how to convert m4a to m4r on windows? (iphone ringtone) – NEYUGN

Charged twice per month. Last update: How to change Premium subscription. I have full internet connection, but it says I'm o Log In. Solved Replies Last update: Yours was the first out of 20 others I looked at that finally had my missing solution for folder options. Happy new year entire crew. Hello i tried to convert but i am not understanding it at all…. Sorry can you please help me step by step thank you…. It was so helpful! Thank you!! You are a saint. Apple for some reason wants money for the music, the ringtones and almost anything else you can put on their iPod,iPhone, and iTouch lines.

Thank you for making this so simple. I really appreciate it. I had this same problem, but if you install an old version of iTunes on a different computer it WILL work!!! I tried unistalling and reinstalling old version and that wont work. I was having so much trouble with the other sites because it would only instruct how to do this with Apple computers.. I tried sooo much but nothing worked! It works and very well.

There is also a torrent site that will tell you abt the same thing except putting the m4a file on ur desktop and then convert it to m4r, b4 putting it back in itunes. Dont do that cuz you will wanna delete it again from ur desktop and with the next sync of ur iphone you will loose the ringtone. OMG i have been sitting there for 3days trying to DL a program that converts it blah blah blah and i still didnt get one and then i tried this thinking it wasnt goin to work but IT DID!!! OMG thanks so much its awesome good thinking!! I got it to work perfectly. Thank you sooooo much…I was about to give up and get really mad that everything with this phone you have to purchase.

You sir are the man. I have the most recent versions of i tunes and iphone software as of todays date and this worked fabulously…. Any suggestions I am using ITunes 8. I love you guys. This saved me money and a lot of converter downloads. I just want to thank you for your help.

Thanks so much. Couldnt see the m4a before. Brill your a star, i was just about to give it up as a bad job..! Thank you! I was hung up on where to get the setting to be able to change the file extension, and was getting frustrated! Once I git that part, I was set! Ive done all the changing the extention. Thanx a whole bunch!

Email me if you could and have a spare time to waste. Thanks again. Hi, I have the same issue as Alan 33 above. I was able to change extension and get it to play in the ringtone folder. Any advice pls? I renamed 50 ringtones exyension with m4r. I also use a a 3GS, ive changed the file name to m4r and it appears on my ringtones through itunes but when i put it onto my iphone it doesnt appear on the list of custom tones alongside the other preloaded tones.. This was the most helpful page on making a ringtone from iTunes for the iPhone…no other webpage mentioned the fact that you may have to go to the Control Panel to uncheck hide file extensions because without doing that, I was unable to convert from.

I have the new 3GS and did not have a problem whatsoever… I did however, use an MP3 splitter that I had purchased previously to select the part of the track that I wanted. Then I converted to ACC, changed the extention, and played the song in iTunes it automatically played from the ringtones section. When I synced, it was on my phone…. I want to thank you. However, like a few others I have been able to create the ringtone and it shows up in ITunes under ringtones, yet when I sync it to my phone it goes to my music instead of appearing as a ring tone with the other preloaded ringtones.

Is there a fix for this? Ok nevermind!

[Solved] How to Make iPhone Ringtone from Spotify Music

I got it!! After fixing the ringtone will go directly to your ringtones on your IPhone instead of to your music. Thank you sooooooo much!!!! It actually worked — I have been to countless sites and no one had offered that extra bit of info. Worked perfectly! Cheers mate. Thank you thank you!! I had the same problem as many users of not being able to sync even after converting to m4r and it just sits in my ringtone itunes folder BUT not showing up on my custom ringtone file in the phone!

HUGE thanks to Imelee too for suggesting that we delete the file from itunes and then double clicking on the ringtone file in your windows explorer folder. Make sure you play it with itunes and it WILL appear as a ringtone after you sync your phone again! I did sync all ringtones to iphone and it can play perfect. Do you have any idea why? Oh my goodness, you are my new favorite person. Your instructions worked perfectly, thank you so much for posting this!

Sorry but i have changed the extension, the files are showing in my ringtones in iTunes but they dont sync across to my phone… and yes i have ticked the box haha, could this be something to do with using iTunes9? WOW, thankyou soo soo much! Thanks a lot to the guy who wrote this tutorial and moo moo for making it clear with syncing ringtones. That was really a very good tip!

It worked just fine even with the latest update 3. Thanks a tone! Thank you so much!!! Thank you so much, I have it locked and loaded in my ringtones, hit the sync button, get no errors, but it does not appear in my ringtone list on my iPhone. A few other people are having this problem I noticed and there has been no response with a solution.

Can someone please help me and the others. I love who ever wrote thiz. Not sure how to correct this. Please help anyone!! Thanks for sharing. I found a couple of other sites where people had posted the first half but the control panel bit…genius! I knew the whole change extension step, but suddenly the.

Introducing TunesKit Music Converter for Spotify

Thank u very much! I have new ring tones now, yay! I clicked yes. What am i doing wrong? Thanks a lot for your help! Do you or anyone here know why this may be happening? The compressed m4r file is only 30 seconds long.


Ill try doing it for different song files but i dont see why or how this problem wont persist. I always was able to see the. Hay everyone, I have got the ringtones on my iPhone: Is there a secret to starting the ringtone halfway through a track and playing for 30secs? When i do this the finish time becomes the total time in the m4r file: Hi, You should be able to make a ringtone from any point in the song.

Maybe try another song? Hey, thanks so much for this. Ive got the exact same problem as Lisa and many others…. About time someone posted a tutorial that works perfectly and is easy to do. Excellent work!!!!!!!!!! Hi, I had problems synching the ringtones into my iphone initially even after I followed all the instructions. Damn, this was easy. You need to be teaching somewhere; clear and concise! I followed all the steps, got it converted to. But I cant get it into the ringtones library. Any help?? I have the same problem of the ring tone not showing up inside my iphone even after sync.

I am using iTunes 9 and Win7. I found that initially my iTune9 do not have the Ringtones Tab under the Library, at the top left of the iTunes interface. But After closing and re-opening iTunes the Ringtones tab was added. What I did was to delete away what ever ringtones inside the Ringtones, then add the ringtones in again.

Thanks so far amazingly good one hic up though. Followed everything u said, shows up in my ringtones folder on phone in itues however on phone it has nothing. I think on iphone 4 they have found a way to block this method of putting ringtones on phone. Anyone found a solution to this or has anyone got m4r files to work on iphone 4. Everything else works — file was converted, shows up in Ringtones list in iTunes, Sync Ringtones is checked off.

Thank you very much. I mean that. Good day to you: Has anyone had any luck with the Iphone 4??? I have followed all of the steps and can get the ringtone into my itunes, but it will not transfer over to the iphone… Is it blocked for Iphone 4??? Had trouble getting my iphone 3gs to recognize the ringtone. Tried it again, shortened to 25 seconds instead of It worked. Hope this helps. This worked great except I used my PC to install my ringtone and my phones music library was synced with my laptop,so now I have a cool new espn ringtone but it erased all my music. Thanks that helped a lot.

I had to uncheck hide extensions for known types, so that helpped a lot. I have followed the procedure and the file is still in my music on i tunes, I am using the latest version of Windows so now, what do I do?? What do I do? Please help me I want to do this for my Mum for a surprise pleaaaaase help me! I did all the steps of converting it. Thank you so much!!!!!!!! If next in Oxford will buy ya a beer..! Help Help please I am going round in circles. I have followed your wonderful instructions however my ringtones are not moving to the ringtone folder when I sync my iphone.

All file extensions have been renamed m4r. Still nothing. I realise these sorts of things are down to the user. Hello Nahi — Thank you for replying to my cry for help, however I have followed the instructions to the letter from August as suggested and when I go into my iTones folder on my PC and double click as suggested it plays but DOES NOT pop into my folder for ringtones on either the iTunes or iPhone. The file extension thingy was unticked in my control panel and when I right click on the music file info it has converted to m4r and does show that it is a ringtone.

I am now sat here wearing a crash helmet to stop me from tearing my hair out!!! YAY… i tried a few other sites but i couldnt find out how to convert from m4a to m4r… this was the only site that showed you how to go thru the control panel and uncheck hide extensions for known types…. True genius.

At least now I have the ringtone in the ringtones folder. Thanks again for saving my sanity: I finally gave up on the double clicking method, went into itunes itself and clicked file, add file to library and selected the right file. I then found it in itunes. Sometimes it would come up with the! I then synced my phone and it worked. The other trouble i had was that it would come up under my device in the ringtone section but not in my actual phone. I solved this by downloading another version of the song without any special characters another trick someone suggested and it worked when i synced it again.

Claire, Thank you so much. If you cant get your iPhone 4 to sync the ringtone then just look — up how to sync ringtone iPhone 4- or http: How do I change the extension from m4a to m4r?? Great Job and Thank you! I was stuck on where to get the setting to be able to change the file extension, and was getting frustrated!

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I had that problem also…the ringtone is is your iTunes Library you have to drag and drop it into your ringtones under your iPhone catagory mid page—under your iTunes libray as soon as I did that it synced no problem! This is so much easier on Android phones. MP3 and wav work just fine. Seriously, thank you. I have been struggling to change the file names for a while, and no one has posted any worthwhile tutes. This was so simple. Good job.

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It worked till the point where I see it popping open in the Ringtone list on iTunes in my laptop. I am syncing it but I dont see it appearing in the Standard only category I can see in the ringtone list while I access the Ringtones in Settings on my Iphone. FYI, I was also having trouble getting it into my device ringtones.

It worked after I took out all spaces from the file name of the song. Hi thanks to your advice I have now ringtone on iTunes ringtones library, but cant get that ringtone to device ringtones library.. Thank you very much for your great explanation on how to change m4a to m4r through the control panel. You saved me a lot of grief trying to solve this ringtone situation!