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Besides being able to put you in control of a plethora of OS X applications, Rowmote is also capable of sending your Mac to sleep and wake it up whenever you need to use it again. Combine that with setting your Mac to ask for a password when it comes out of sleep, and you've got yourself a simple and very effective way to quickly lock your computer when going away.

Everything considered, Rowmote Helper in tandem with its iOS counterparts, Rowmote and Rowmote Pro for iOS, will make it very easy to control what happens on your Mac's desktop over a wireless connection. Rowmote Helper for Mac. Jun 7th, Freeware. Rowmote automatically wakes up sleeping machines which are connected via Ethernet!

Pause the music or video automatically when you answer a call on your iPhone. Rowmote is a steal! The artwork of Rowmote was designed by Rik Schennink. OK, let me see if I can explain how this is gonna work, as it's a pain in the kneck, but once you get it working, it actually does work quite well. First of all, if you are totally blind, and by that I mean the true diffinition of totally blind, as in, not visually impaired, I mean you literally have no vision at all, then, this app is gonna be useless.

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I don't mean any offense by that, I just don't see how, as Voiceover does not work very well with this app at all. You have to shut it off to get the remote buttons to even work at all. First of all, you need to go, in Safari, on your Mac, to www. Just, FYI, the download is just barely over a meg in size. This will unzip the file to its own folder. In here, you're going to have one file which is an mpkg file.

Just run it like normal, and get it installed.

Rowmote Pro | Regular Rate & Rhythm

Be ware you're going to get a message telling you it needs to modify things to work with your assistive devices. I don't exactly know what that means, as I see nothing it changed, but, go ahead and put in your administrative password, and let it do it, just to be safe.

If you can't find the password pox in this dialog, it's inside the scroll area, so interact with that, then you should see it. Once all is done, Go into the app on your IOS device. You'll first be taken to the settings screen. As you flick right, you'll see a heading that says something to the effect of choose your Mac. Double tap this. I know, kind a weird, being it's a heading, but trust me. This now will tell you to select your mac from the list in the settings screen. I wasn't lucky.

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For some reason, it didn't show up. Even after the helper was running on my mac. One word of warning. That's beyond the scope of these comments though. If you don't see your mac, then you're gonna have to get it's IP address. Go to System prefs, on the mac, then to network. Now, interact with the services table, and find airport. Eventually you'll come to where it says the network it's connected to and gives the IP address. Now, go back to your I O S device.

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In the settings screen, double tap to choose custom IP. You will get a num pad, and be presented with 4 boxes for each of the four parts of the IP. As you type the digits, the cursor will move by itself to the next box. The exception is if the octet you need is only 1 or two digits. So now you'll have to double tap manually in the fourth box to move focus.

This all is accessible up to this point. Once done, you'll get a screen on your I O S device telling you to type a code in on your mac.

Just go to the mac keyboard and type it. You don't have to hit return when done. The Apple Remote would cost a significant amount. You carry your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad wherever you go. Furthermore, why should you need line-of-sight to do so? Enter Rowmote Pro. Rowmote Pro is like your Mac's remote control, but over the wireless network and even better. Trackpad and keyboard give you complete control over your computer, and you can control, launch, and quit apps, toggle the iTunes Visualizer, and more without ever having to squint at your screen.

Rowmote is Mac-like from the ground up.

Rowmote: Remote Control for Mac

Control your Mac completely over a wireless network. No line of sight necessary. Works like the hardware Apple Remote Control in: Adobe Lightroom. Airfoil Video. BBC iPlayer.

DVD Player. Front Row. Hulu Desktop. OpenOffice Impress. PandoraOne Desktop. The Tube.

rowmote helper app problem

True multitouch: Scroll with two fingers, right click, drag, pinch to zoom, and swipe with 3 or 4 fingers. Tap anywhere or use the virtual button. Keyboard includes extended characters, modifier keys, function keys, numeric pad, brightness control, and more. Multiple monitor support.

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Pause the music or video automatically when you answer a call on your iPhone. Proximity sensor support to automatically turn the screen off if the device is face-down. Secure authentication.