Missing ringtones on iphone 5

Bonus Tip: How to Get Ringtones from iCloud Drive to iPhone

You can recover ringtones purchased through the iTunes Store or saved to your computer after resetting your iPhone. You also can add custom ringtones to iTunes that you created with GarageBand or another application, provided you still have access to the audio files.

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Without a backup of custom and third-party ringtones within the iTunes application, you can't recover the files. Restore your content using iTunes or by manually downloading the ringtones directly to your iPhone.

Connect your iPhone to your computer to restore custom ringtones and ringtones saved to the computer. Click the "iPhone" button in iTunes, or select your iPhone in the sidebar if you enabled the option to show the sidebar. Select the "Tones" tab, check the box for each ringtone you want to transfer to your iPhone, and then click "Sync. Select each ringtone that you want to download and then tap the "Download" icon to save the tone to your iPhone. As a professional writer, she has written for Education.

6 Ways to Fix iPhone Custom Ringtones Not Working on iOS 11/iOS 12

Martin contributed English translations for a collection of Japanese poems by Misuzu Kaneko. I am convinced that there is something about these ringtones that is confusing iOS I suspect it will be fixed in a future update. Might also be hardware related … and the tones will work when I get my X, but I doubt it….

Call announce on or off makes no difference. For some reason incoming calls do not see the tones.

Method 1. How to Restore Ringtones on iPhone X/8/7/SE/6S/6/5S/5 with iTunes

When I was done upgrading, I tried to install 40 or so ring tones I had purchased from Apple over the years. Most re-downloaded without issue. I used your tutorial to copy the 15 tones that refused to download back to the phone found them all in the tones folder in iTunes even though I updated to latest version. I am using a PC and iTunes Thecopy worked perfectly and all tones play on the PC. Charlieo, I would say try disabling caller announce, and see if that changes anything. I will give that a try.

1. Manually Import Tones

This time we have a reader whose custom-made iPhone ringtone library has seemingly disappeared. But that doesn't mean those tones are gone for good! Here are the steps you can take to track them down on your Mac, then restore them to your iPhone. I had a library of homemade iPhone ringtones on my Mac that disappeared during the last OS X software upgrade. All my friends and family members had a ringtone assigned to them.

How To Easily Download Free Ringtones On An iPhone

I knew exactly who was calling me without having to look at the phone. About 5 months ago I exported my iTunes library to my Desktop: Is there a way to isolate the ringtone files and restore them to iTunes? Or would it be better to just do a complete restore?

How To Sync Ringtones (iTunes 12.7 / iOS 11)