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An additional feature is the Samsung "Find my mobile" functionality which allows one to track the location of their mobile device if it is lost or remotely wipe it. USB Mass Storage devices can be attached without any need for drivers. Limitations of device options are based on the Linux kernel version installed. Reception for the Galaxy Tab 2 7. The Verge reviewer David Pierce commented, "The Tab 2 is more powerful than either the Kindle Fire or the Nook Tablet, and because it runs a fuller version of Android it's a more capable device if you're interested in more than just reading.

Verizon released the Galaxy Tab 2 7. This device was sold in Verizon Wireless stores. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7. Retrieved 16 January Samsung Mobile. Retrieved 15 January Samsung UK. Retrieved 18 January International Business Times. The Verge. Expert Reviews. Samsung Galaxy Tab series. Tab 7. Tab 2 7. Tab 3 7. Tab 4 7. Tab Pro 8. I love this tablet and have owned it for over a year.

I loved it so much I bought another one as well as the 10 inch version so I have 3 Tab 2 tablets now. I went tablet crazy as I got good deals on them. I figured hey I can mount one on wall in front of toilet as well as other rooms for watching TV through TV providers app. Toilet TV! You know us guys would only do something like that: But you ladies know you would be turning on Lifetime channel so you don't miss anything while using the restroom LOL. Overall a great tablet for most people. With all your app chooses and even paying to upgrade apps.

I download movies to it, games, books, direct tv, net flix!

Easy Root and Recovery Tutorial for the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

Absolute must get a micro SD. I have a 32g in it. Ever since the Kit-Kat 4. I get a red X while charging? I checked everyone on forums, posts, android sites. I've only ever used the OEM charger and cable. I myself checked both the usb and the charger. I still have no idea what to do? Charging cable is hard to buy without going online. I bought the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7" for my daughter for Christmas. She was 12 years old at the time. She is now 14 and Christmas is coming soon.

The tablet will be two years old and is still going strong. If your kids are like mine, the thing never gets turned off. I was pleased that it lasted a year, but it's now going on two years old in the hands of an early teenage girl. Other than replacing the charging cable now and then which is pain because you have to order them, but they can be found cheap online this tablet has been rock solid. I am buying her a new tablet this Christmas. You can bet it will be a Samsung probably a Tab 4.

I'll keep her Tab 2 for myself. I have had my battery last over a week and a half on standby with wifi off, and no apps on in the background.

Easy Root and Recovery Tutorial for the Galaxy Tab 2

It makes it confusing to figure out what is actually on the internal memory, and what is on the physical external SD card you put in. I had to download "link2sd" to link my apps to my physical SD card. This saves a lot of internal memory, since there is little to start with about 5GB after the OS takes what it needs -The tablet will actually support a 64GB memory card, even though it only says it supports a 32GB.

I have a 64GB in mine formatted into 2 different 32GB partitions. Partition 1 is for the app "link2sd,"for linking my apps. The other is useful for movies, music, ect. If your into gaming and love emulators this tablet will perform very well with all of them. This tablet can do almost anything. It works great for playing movies and music, though the default player leaves something to be desired.

There's not much bloatware that I've seen, but none of it seems to be running either. All games and applications work great. For the price it's fast enough. Now, for some of the cons people post. One is that there's no a micro-USB charger. If that's so much of a concern, buy an additional cable so you never run out.

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There are usually Walmarts and Best Buys in most major towns. Another con people post is that there's no USB ports. As I said, this thing can do everything. The default music application, as well as Google Play, skip during playback. No problem though, just go download a better one.

Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0, Wi-Fi)

So really, there are no cons. Easy to use. Comfortable to hold. Solid build. Expandable memory for media. Music and video file compadibility is amazing. Easy to navigate and customize main screen. Great 'app' store through Googleplay. So far I've been pleaantly surprised by this tablets performance. But then again, I'm not using this for work, it's strictly for entertainment on the road.

There's a lot you could do on this bad boy. The more I play with it, the broader my grin is. It's like having a PC with the open endedness in your pocket. The amount of bloatware that you cant uninstall is rather annoying. But reading the reviews I already knew that coming in.

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It's still a cheaper and more capable of a tablet than the Ipad Mini. For me, I'm treating this like a pocket PC. I cleaned up the unwated apps from the main page, downloaded an ereader, uploaded videos and ebooks and so far so good. I am very pleased with my purchase. The Samsung Tab 2, at this price is a steal. This item is eligible for Newegg Premier benefits. Are you a Newegg Premier Member? If not, sign up today and get:.

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Use TouchWiz to personalize and cutomize your touchscreen, choose from over , apps, and access your favorite content, movies, and TV shows. With Adobe Flash player you have access to more videos, websites, and games.

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