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In the right panel look under Accessibility, the look for Reduce Motion and turn this feature "On". If you purchased any music from iTunes, you will need to redownload that content back to your iPad for playing directly from your iPad and not from Apple Music servers. Also, if your iPad contained a lot of images in the Photos app, these will take time to regenerate the original AND thumbnail images themselves inside of the Photos app when you first launch it. Page content loaded. Oct 20, 4: I wished so much, I had read this before updating.

What I did not know is, that making a backup is not enough. Does it only backup the data and apps but not the os itself? When I tried to restore the backup, it looked like auto-updating to iOS 9. Really strange. Oct 21, Thanks for posting. I have the same issues.

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I am surprised that it has not been addressed or mentioned more. Our IT department is looking to abandon apple due to these issues not being addressed. Apple has no solutions other than to purchase new iPads. Nov 1, 6: I thought if I deleted everything and restored to factory settings.. It helped for about48 hours. All I have is Hearthstone on my ipad3 fully updated iOS and app and the lag is infuriating Yet I still try to play: It was more widespread before the restore but now, since I have only 5 total apps Abe no music, books or images saved- it is only HS that just won't work: Nov 1, 7: I Have more than 9gb of storage free.

I restored to factory settings and only installed Netflix, Amazon mint and hearthstone. The only app that have used in two weeks is hearthstone. Even safari gets choppy at times. I did not use a back up and I have no extra content - pic, video, music etc on here. I used to have tons of all of these including books, podcasts, lots of games for kids and adults- no damage and only owner. Just doesn't work any longer. Nov 1, 8: Nov 24, 9: It is slow, the screen freezes multiple times a day and it crashes for no reason in the middle of using Safari, Pages, email etc The most I have been able to go for without any of these things happening is about an hour or so.

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I have looked through numerous help pages and blogs and followed every bit of advice I could find. All to no avail. At that point I was called away to deal with a family matter and never got round to reinstalling iOS 8. But when I continued using my iPad from this moment on it behaved completely differently, it was faster, no lag, it didn't freeze or crash. Last night I turned Find My iPad on again to check and it immediately played up again li before. So my advice is It might be a fluke and only work for me but there is nothing lost by trying it.

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If you use Safari, these functions maybe in the Settings App under Safari. Other web browsers have their settings inside of the running app, itself. I don't use iOS Safari too much any longer because I found it causing me some headaches on certain websites I, regularly, visit. I commonly use another third party web browser, Perfect Web Browser there are others that may suit your web browsing style better, so look at all of them first to see which third party browser may work better for you and I never experience a lot of the issues that Safari was causing.

Try turning on Reduced Motion. This is found in the Settings App in the General tab the left panel. You should see an appreciable performance increase on all iPad 2, 3 and 4 models. Jan 17, 4: I upgraded to iOS 9 using my MacBook and through iTunes on a hardwired connection after doing a full backup via iTunes.

I have Reduce Motion turned "on" not "off. I disabled Background App Refresh, turned off Location Services, turned off Notifications, disabled automatic downloads in the App Store, turned off Spotlight Suggestions and Bing Web Results and all apps from indexing in Spotlight basically I unchecked everything in Spotlight , disabled iCloud Sync, disabled Siri, shut down and restart device. The option mentioned by MichelPM for restoring the iPad as new will not work for anyone wishing to preserve iOS 8 or any previous iOS, as completely erasing an iPad to a factory default "like new" and then applying a restore will trigger an update to the latest iOS version iOS 9 if the device supports iOS 9.

You can only downgrade to a previous version of iOS if Apple is still "signing" authorizing it. Apple's signing may end as little as a week after the new iOS version is released. To my knowledge, Apple does not offer an official way to downgrade, even during the period when Apple is still signing the previous iOS version. I had to google and figure it out myself how to go back to iOS 8, but that option is no longer available, since Apple stopped signing iOS 8. Therefore, unless you want to end up on iOS 9, I do not recommend completely erasing your iPad and starting from scratch if you currently have iOS 8 and want to continue to use iOS 8.

Jan 17, 5: I never. I have since added this fact as a disclaimer for those that would, erroneously, believe that would happen. What I stated was that my procedure would return your iPad's performance to nearly like new "out of the box" condition.

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In fact my wife and I have switched using older iPads and she is using my 64 GB Pad 3 with less apps and more free storage nearly 34 GBs left out of nearly 58 GB and the iPad 3 is very fast. I keep backgound running apps to a minimum 6 or less background running apps and I only ever have active website tabs running at one time within a web browser. The amount of users reporting into these forums with iOS issues with their iDevices represents a very small, but growing minority.

There are tens of millions or more of iDevice users who aren't having issues with their devices and who don't post in user troubleshooting forums, like those provided by Apple. Just because the small minority of users having issues, that post here, doesn't mean that Apple is at fault or that Apple is forcing users of older hardware to upgrade to newer hardware or Apple is "out to get your money" for a new device! It just means that some older hardware has had some arbitrary issue that has caused problems with upgrading to new versions of iOS.

OR there was some unforeseen iOS bug or software glitch or anomaly that has affected a small minority of users devices. WIth an ever growing iDevice user base, there will be users that will, invariably and inevitably, run into problems. Everyone uses these devices differently and have different apps and data on them and older devices cannot use some features of a new iOS upgrade due to older hardware limitations.

There are just too many variables that are out of Apple's control and can't be tested or accounted for. For those iDevice users who have devices that are, basically, non-functional or dead, my recommendation is to bring your iDevice into an Apple Store and see if they can diagnose the issues and perform the upgrade in the store for you. If you have never backed up the data that is on your iDevice, be prepared for Apple to do a restore as new device and try to install the iOS 9 upgrade on an empty iDevice.

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Jan 17, 7: I just wanted to let people know that, in case they were on the fence about upgrading to iOS 9 and have not yet done so, that if they choose to erase their iPad, doing so will automatically upgrade them to the latest iOS. Do not update iPad 3 to iOS 9. These effects consume battery and CPU on your device while giving you a good visual experience.

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To make your iOS 9 run faster, you can try to disable these cool effects, which would be useful especially when you use an old iPhone or iPad. Do you remember the last time you organized your Safari history and bookmarks? Actually, we almost never organize our Safari info and clean browsing junks. You may like: Just run your Safari app and click Book icon, you will find all of your history and bookmarks there. You can delete any history or bookmark items, or edit your bookmarks.

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Some apps you downloaded from Apple store seems unnecessary. You may forget about them and almost never use them. Removing apps from iPhone is quite easy. Just press the app icon for few seconds until it wobbles and then click "X" icon on the top-left corner of the app. In addition, there are some iOS content managing tools, such as AnyTrans , you can use to simultaneously remove multiple apps you don't want.

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