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I'll get the lite version by tapping the Get Google Voice Lite link. In the Step 2: Verify Your Phone window, the app displays a verification code and asks you to tap the Call Me Now button so Google Voice can call and verify your phone number. When Google Voice calls you, you'll hear a voice that asks you to type the verification code on your phone.

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After Google Voice verifies your phone number, you'll hear a recorded message on your phone that invites you to record a voice message or hang up to record a message later. Within the Step 3: Type the same number in the Confirm PIN box. Finally, tap the Continue button. In the Step 4: Setup Your Phone for Voicemail window, you'll see your phone's cellular carrier name and you'll be asked to call a number on your phone exactly as it appears in the window. After you tap the Send or Call button on your phone to dial the number, you'll see a confirmation message on your phone screen.

On my iPhone that I'm using in this example, I'll tap the Dismiss button to close the confirmation message screen. On the Tab 2, tap the Continue button in the window to view the Congratulations window that provides your voicemail access phone number that will be emailed to you.

All your voicemail messages will go to Google voicemail from now on. Close the window and view the Google Voice screen by tapping the Finish button. Now you need to install the Google Voice App. When you see the app screen shown in Figure 2, Search, download by tapping Install in the app description screen. Figure 2 Swipe up and down in the screen to learn more about the Google Voice app. Tap Accept in the App permissions window. Google Voice opens and shows the welcome screen that tells you what Google Voice does, including making calls and sending free text messages.

Continue by tapping the Next button. In the next screen, select the Google account you want to use with Google Voice. Add an account to the list by tapping the Add Account button. If you only have one account, the button to the right of the account name such as your Gmail address is selected by default. Tap the Sign In button. Tap the Next button. The Inbox Synchronization window appears as the Voice app synchronizes the app with the Google Voice service.

Open the Inbox screen by tapping the Finish button. In the screen, the welcome message appears below the black menu bar, as shown in Figure 3. Figure 3 The list of voicemail messages is listed from newest at the top to oldest at the bottom. The list of messages is ordered from newest to oldest, and the newest message appears at the top of the screen. Each message appears within a box in the list and contains the title of the message, the time Google Voice received the message, and the start of the text within the message, so you have a good idea of what it's about.

If you want to add the message to your Favorites list, tap the star icon to the right of the message. Open the message by tapping the message box in the list. The Voicemail screen appears as shown in Figure 4. At the top of the screen, you'll see the message information area that includes the photo of the caller if any , name of the caller, phone number from which the person called you, the date and time the call was received, and the length of the voice message.

Figure 4 The Voicemail screen shows the text at the top of the screen and the black Play Message bar at the bottom of the screen. The text of the message appears underneath the message information area. At the left side of the Play Message bar at the bottom of the screen, tap the Play icon to begin playing the voicemail message. You'll hear the person who left the message recite the message as it appears on the screen. You can return to the Inbox screen by tapping the Google Voice icon at the left side of the menu bar. Though Google Talk is preinstalled on your Tab 2, you'll notice that the look and feel of the app has changed in Jelly Bean.

The Talk functionality has been replaced by the new functionality in Google Hangouts. Open the Google Talk app by tapping the Talk app icon within the Apps screen.

[Galaxy S2]What to do if tap and speak in voice talk application shows network error?

Yes, i have downloaded the new APK. Is there any work-around for that? Thanks for all your hard work. How can users be running ICS 4.

Amit Bhawani. Hi, my phone is samsung galaxy S2 ICS 4. I removed it restarted it, reinstalled it and this time I selected skip.

(Network Error Fixed) Download S-Voice APK Samsung’s Siri like App for Voice Commands on Android

I manually open the app and to mu surprised it started to work. I had no trouble whatsoever downloading the S-Suggest app from this site. However, I have never been able to download anything that redirects to the Mediafire site. There was a download link on the site but it was for Voicetalk. BTW, neither of these are available on Google Play. Android version ICS 4. Data connection is good, but I doubt that is relevant for the installation. Are there any other factors that would prevent installation? X Application is not installed!!!!!! Please tell me what to do. I know i have active data connections still not working.

Is there another option to make system work? Is this the only reponse this moron has, you need an active data connection? Does he not read? Can you help to give some information if we can solve this problem? I have a galaxy S2 which is rooted and on ICS. I still can not install the app.

What could be the issue and what do i need to do. In fact thats ALL I got from 25 attempts. Any suggestions? I uninstalled but if there is a fix, will reinstall. I DO have an active data connection. Maybe it is tweaked for just the SIII as it seems to work fine on that?!? Yes I am also getting its applications is not parsing properly. My galaxy note is running gingerbread. Does not work. It keeps telling me Network error.

How to Install Official Galaxy S4 S-Voice on Samsung Galaxy S2

Please try again. I disabled wifi and 3g turn it back on and restarted phone with no luck. Welll what do u mean by activa data connection , obviously wlan is an an active connection!! I even tried it from my mobile network but it gave the same network error!! It worked on my motorola defy… cm9 but i cant seem to change the activation phrase it crashes when i try but in general it works open apps and do most stuff….

Galaxy s2 4. I also installed S-voice application on my samsung galaxy s running ics 4.

The New Google Talk

Hi Joseph, i am also running Andriod 4. Does nothing but crash when I try to run it on Sony Xperia Ray running 4. When we used to give hotfile links, then users started asking for mediafire uploads. Again now the requests are reversed again. Mediafire is great but now it seems do not working with a lot of users if you can change with multiupload or hotfile it will be great thanks.

Your email address will not be published. Android Advices. Related Items: Abhishek Kumar November 18, at 1: S thanks for d app. Pradeep kumar November 1, at 3: JJ October 4, at 9: Hi Neal, Thanks for all your excellent work. Another user above seems to have had this problem too. Sheheryar September 29, at 3: Pradeep Neela September 29, at 4: Dusan September 27, at 1: Pradeep Neela September 15, at 2: Pradeep Neela August 21, at 4: Dillonwilcox July 14, at 7: Supreeth June 29, at 1: Jackyt12 June 10, at It says problem parsing the package, please help.

Disable Voice Talk on Samsung Galaxy Phones

Hi there, I cant go to the settings of svoice. Pradeep Neela June 10, at Francis June 7, at 6: Pradeep Neela June 7, at 7: Adusei June 6, at 9: Pradeep Neela June 7, at 4: Vasu June 5, at 5: Kamaljit June 1, at 9: Salman May 31, at 4: Remember you have to disable text to speech on your Input settings prior to installation.

Guys its working fine on Samsung Nexus S. Woww i m loving it. Prithvi May 30, at 5: Martin Brady May 30, at 3: JACK May 29, at Pradeep Neela May 30, at 1: Pradeep Neela May 30, at 2: Amitoj May 28, at 4: JustinLP May 27, at 9: DVK May 26, at Pratik May 26, at 9: Rob Johnson May 24, at 7: NitharsanB May 24, at Jay May 23, at 9: Try the new apk is still have the same problem … what a fail. Cheers and love the site!!

Sorry remove it fully delete in titanium Backup then install with no problems. Shahid May 23, at It woked by removing the voice command with Titanium backup.

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Neil Forde May 25, at Andrew Watson May 25, at WldHogn May 23, at 3: Download link do not work plz post alternative link as well Thanjs. Varun Nahar May 22, at 8: Bill May 22, at 4: Tri Tran May 22, at 3: Amit Bhawani May 22, at 4: It workedo n the original apk too for our One X for testing. Check out our video for more. Not installed msg on my gnote n running 4. Lakmal May 22, at 3: Amit Bhawani May 24, at 9: