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So, for instance, the People hub integrates information from your social networks, providing a feed of new status and picture updates. This comes free with any Microsoft account and provides up to 7GB of storage space that can be seamlessly synced between phone, laptop and tablet as well as accessed from any PC via a web browser. Where the Windows Phone 8 interface is currently let down is its availability of apps.

Looking for a selection of some of our favourites this is how we fared: Could find: This time around, there's also a darker finish on both the rear camera unit and the physical buttons lined up on the right edge update: Along the flat top edge, you'll find the pin-accessible micro-SIM slot no nano-SIM just yet , some tiny perforations that connect to the secondary mic and headphone socket. The lower edge offers immediate access to the micro-USB port and the aforementioned two speakers.

Around front, the 's 4. These all light up and, as we'll also cover in the display section, they all work through your winter gloves or freshly manicured nails. Along the top of the screen, Nokia branding has this time been ushered to the right corner, with the earpiece housed above center of the screen. Both the ambient light sensor and a front-facing 1. Underneath the screen, Nokia has installed Qi contactless charging for the phone's 2,mAh battery. Our review model arrived with a contactless charging pad to test it out with, and it works exactly how it should, resting the majority of the phone on top of the pad will start it charging immediately, if slowly.

Nokia Lumia 920 Tips and Tricks

Microsoft's also throwing in 7GB of cloud storage for any new SkyDrive accounts and though it's quite possible you're already grandfathered into 25GB, there's no microSD slot for expanding the physical memory. And if there's no 4G near you yet? The Lumia 's screen packs so much new stuff from Nokia that they even wrote their own white paper on what's going on behind that sliver of curved glass -- we've linked to it at the bottom of this review.

The 4.

Nokia Lumia 920 Review - Windows Phone 8 Interface Review

Can you tell the difference in real life? Well, barely -- we noticed reduced blur as we poked around the UI and swung the camera around.

It's unlikely to be immediately noticeable to new smartphone users, but we can't fault Nokia for trying to push the envelope. Conversely, the Lumia 's outdoor performance is a true selling point. While the Lumia was no slouch in outdoor performance, the Windows Phone 8 sequel boosts contrast, brightness and color composition, meaning photos and websites are noticeably clearer -- and games and apps are easier to pilot under bright lights.

Nokia has also improved its ambient light sensor, and we found the screen not only adjusted faster to lighting changes, but noticeably cranked up both color and contrast settings to improve viewing depending on whatever environment we were in. While November isn't the best time to test a phone's screen against full sunlight, we had no problems with the screen outdoors or under harsh show floor spotlights. These winter months, however, did prove ideal for steering the Synaptics-powered capacitive screen while wearing gloves, and the phone performed just as well as it did when it was first unveiled.

The surface even picks up nails and some pens -- something we had no fear of testing ourselves thanks to the protection offered by a coating of Gorilla Glass. Where to start? Reading down the Lumia 's spec sheet, there's plenty to get us excited: So after all that build up, does the Lumia live up to that PureView appellation? Well, that's a little harder to say.

Load up the camera app or hold the physical camera button and you'll be greeted with a familiar camera interface -- it's simple, but a little sparse. Sure, compared to the all tweaks and options available to PureView users, this might disappoint, but given that we were supremely impressed by that Symbian device's shots on auto , we weren't all that worried. Nokia's tried to amend this to some extent by adding its extra functionality through the Windows Phone 8's Lens system.

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Both from the Windows Phone marketplace and from Nokia's own collection you can install panorama functions, burst shot and even a GIF maker; these apps can be accessed both from the phone's program list and the arrow icon inside the camera UI. We got to work shooting samples and seeing how the Lumia stacked up against both its PureView predecessor and current smartphone heavyweights. We came into these testing scenarios with exceedingly high expectations, and in extremely low-light situations, where most phones fall flat on their face, the Lumia indeed hit its stride.

Yes, there was often some ISO noise to be seen and the results weren't always spectacular, but the 's low-light shots were always the best of the bunch.

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Images were blur-free and reasonably clear, a definite improvement from the frequent messy quality induced by longer shutter times in the other cameras. Everything from contrast to color reproduction in low-light imagery was truly superior in the to any other shooter we sampled it against, living up to Nokia's claims on that front. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for daytime photography.

Here the tables were often turned, with the frequently producing shots that were subtly soft.

Nokia reveals the Lumia 920, with Windows Phone 8 and PureView camera

Different situations showed the problem more than others, but it was consistent across all shot types, whether macro or focusing on subjects farther away. We made doubly sure the lens was smudge-free and tested on four separate s to be sure, but on each we saw the same symptoms. It's as if the lens mechanism isn't quite focusing correctly. We spoke with Nokia at length about this and were told it's at least in part thanks to some pending software tweaks to increase sharpness -- but that doesn't explain why we didn't see any such aberrations when we visited Finland to test a last month.

That's not to say the daytime images looked bad, necessarily -- in fact they generally looked reasonably good. But in this case, the Lumia failed to consistently deliver images that beat the rest. In fact, it was often the that ranked mid-pack compared to the heavy-hitters we listed earlier.

Another minor complaint was the white balance, often off in cloudy conditions outdoors the PureView had similar issues with fluorescents indoors , left some of our shots with a yellowish tinge -- the manual settings did remedy this, however. We look forward to testing the revised software on the device to see if it improves things, and we genuinely hope it does, but for now shoppers may be forced to choose whether high-quality photography in the dark is truly enough to make up for occasionally middling performance when the sun is out.

It's worth reiterating that the smartphone's image stabilization is a marvel, rescuing some shots we thought would be a blurry mess.

Nokia Lumia - Full phone specifications

It's another example of genuine innovation coming from Nokia -- but it's not quite there yet. We also found that the Lumia had difficulty metering the scenes we presented. We often had to decide between capturing a detailed skyline or a well-lit subject. An HDR mode certainly wouldn't go amiss. Admittedly, the low-light performance, as we'd already teased , beat everything else outright, but that performance has somehow cost your well-lit images a degree of detail you might not want to give up. We suggest take a look through our image gallery -- we were sure to run the camera phone through as many different environments as we could.

Noise artifacts are low again, especially in low light and file sizes suggest that Nokia hasn't compressed much away. But we can't fight our disappointment with these results; after all that fanfare, the all-round imaging performance still leaves something to be desired. CEO Stephen Elop took to the stage at 10am, blissfully unaware that the livestream webcast had broken, and talked about Windows Phone. With several Lumia devices already on sale, he introduced Jo Harlow to tell us all about the latest additions to the family — first, the Windows Phone 8 Lumia Nokia call this Super Sensitive touch.

The processor inside the Lumia is a dual-core 1.

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Other features include a forward-facing 1. As rumored , Nokia has equipped the with built-in wireless charging for the mAh battery, which works on the Qi standard, and will not only offer a charging pad, but has signed various agreements with companies such as Coffee Bean and Virgin Atlantic, who will all offer wireless charging pads for their customers.

From the pictures, the polycarbonate shell appears more glossy than the cool matte finish found on those devices. The Lumia was joined on stage by the mid-range Lumia , and will be made available in the retina-burning yellow we saw on stage, plus in red, grey, white and black. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. Editors' Recommendations Nokia 9 PureView: News, rumors, features, camera Nokia 3. Moto E5 Plus: Battle of the big screen budget phones Nokia 3.

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