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But, the PlayBook pulled it off. The user experience is simple and self-evident, with no buttons and two basic gestures -- swipe-up and swipe-down. The other big innovation in the PlayBook is the Web browser, as mentioned above.

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For example, you can take a lot of high quality Flash videos on Web page and throw into full screen mode and they look great and render flawlessly. It is easy to learn, smooth to navigate, and has some of the best and fastest responsiveness that you'll find on any smartphone or tablet. It is a completely different experience than a BlackBerry smartphone. Full-featured Web browsing - As we've already talked about, the Web browsing experience on the PlayBook is excellent. The Flash implementation is well-done. Apple's Pages app is a little too complicated than it needs to be and apps like iA Writer are nice but almost a little too bare bones.

The PlayBook has the happy medium. Its Word To Go app see screenshot is the best word processing app I've used on a tablet. It is dead simple to use and has the most important basic features for building a good document. Plus, it's free and installed by default.

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Brilliant for multimedia - The graphics performance and LCD display on the PlayBook are another big plus -- and another pleasant surprise since the BlackBerry isn't known as a multimedia powerhouse although its high-end phones have been making strides in recent years.

The PlayBook is terrific for watching videos and looking at photos. The images are crisp, the colors are vibrant, and the performance is snappy. What's wrong? Email and calendar require a BlackBerry - The thing you most often hear the PlayBook getting dinged for is the fact that it didn't ship with native email, calendar, and contacts apps RIM says it will add them later this year. What the PlayBook does offer is the ability to use its Bridge feature to connect to a BlackBerry smartphone and then use its email, calendar, and contacts on the PlayBook's larger screen.

However, the actual data never resides on the PlayBook.

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It remains locked down in the BlackBerry phone, which is a plus for users that need tight security. The other thing to keep in mind is that if you use Web mail such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail, the Web experience on the PlayBook is good enough to handle light email and calendar tasks. Needs more apps - The biggest problem with the BlackBerry PlayBook when you compare it to the iPad is the the lack of apps. On the iPad, apps extend the functionality of the device in lots of different ways, for business, for personal productivity, for entertainment, and much more.

While RIM claims that the PlayBook ships with 3, tablet-optimized apps -- "more than any of our competitors at launch," according to co-CEO Mike Lazaridis -- the problem is that the iPad has 75, apps now and a lot of important partners who are committed to the platform. RIM will never be able to compete with that, but if it can forge partnerships to get key apps like Amazon Kindle, Evernote, Dropbox, and Netflix on to the PlayBook, then it would have a much easier time winning over a larger niche market.

However, companies appear reticent to jump on the PlayBook bandwagon. Amazon initially announced that it would release a Kindle app for the PlayBook launch , but is dragging its feet in fulfilling that promise. There are times when it's just a little too small to clearly read Web pages and when some of the details can get lost in videos due to the smaller screen.

Bottom line for business The BlackBerry PlayBook is the perfect choice for two types of tablet buyers -- 1.

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A strong choice for those that like email and web browsing on the go - but there are better options out there. With more price drops for the BlackBerry tablet, we've taken yet another look at the Playbook to see if it's finally worth the cash, in light of a 4G PlayBook coming later this year.

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It's probably fair to say that the BlackBerry Playbook had something of a rocky start to life. Hailed by many as as the first worthy successor to the iPad when it was announced, it eventually arrived with a bit of a crash landing, pulling in average reviews and failing to really attract customers.

In no small part, the problem was that it didn't come across as the kind of complete package that the iPad 2 - released about the same time - did.

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Its lack of third-party apps was a shame, but the fact that it lacked its own email and calendar apps, relying on a BlackBerry phone to provide this functionality, really dragged it down. At just g, it's nice and light, and the all-black design is comfortable and handsome. Whether a 7-inch screen is big enough comes down partially to personal preference, but at x x 10mm, this is definitely a dinky device.