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This will make your Windows Mobile reboot with 2 vibrating shudders one after an other. Now in this step, you just need to wait and let your phone boot into Android. Please register the fact that sometimes it may take a long time [more than 3 minutes] on first boot into Android 2. Once your phone reboots into Android, you might be asked for screen calibration which is normal.

Howto: Flash HTC Touch Diamond with FASTER/BETTER ROM.

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Related Reading. In addition to the standard features of Windows Mobile , the following additional software is included on the Diamond:. This interface makes it easier for users to accomplish common tasks using their fingers rather than a stylus.

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TouchFLO 3D consists of tabs, and the user switches between tabs by sliding his or her finger along the row of tabs at the bottom of the screen. The 10 tabs are: Each tab has two soft keys which provide access to functions associated with a tab or tab customisation the 'More' softkey usually takes the user to the applicable Windows Mobile -menu.

The background of the Home tab can be customised via the Settings tab. It offers features such as tabbed browsing , improved zoom features, and text reflow.

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Opera is also capable of downloading any file directly to the device, as long as the device's internal storage has enough free space. The Touch Diamond includes a YouTube program that allows users to search for videos, maintain a list of their favorite videos, and view featured videos.

Teeter is a videogame utilizing the accelerometer of the Touch Diamond in which the player guides a ball to a target by tilting the device, avoiding obstacles such as walls and holes. The device vibrates when the ball hits a wall, giving the illusion that a real ball is inside the device. Over one million units were shipped in six weeks, compared to the HTC Touch , which took 5 months to reach the same milestone. HTC consequently raised its sales projection for from two to three million units.


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