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Making Cheap and Free VoIP Calls on Your BlackBerry

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Although softphone-type VoIP is acceptable in many circumstances and for stand-alone computers, service providers such as Skype and others do not necessarily offer the features, benefits, and reliability required for everyday telephone service for law firms. For this level of VoIP service, the necessary equipment consists of ATAs, which connect a regular telephone to your Internet broadband connection either directly or through the network.

Once a standard phone connects to the ATA, it is used as normal; if the phone has advanced capabilities such as caller ID screens, you can use these features without a computer. These type of VoIP services work with single and multiple lines and with existing phones and phone systems. You also can purchase VoIP phone systems designed specifically to work with these services while providing you many of the functions of traditional PBX phone systems.

These types of services are provided by companies such as Vonage www.

Making Cheap and Free VoIP Calls on Your BlackBerry

Because these services are being provided through the Internet, firms can have a VoIP provider host their telecommunication systems rather than having to purchase and maintain the hardware themselves. If a firm has an older phone system that it wants to update, outsourced hosting may make more sense.

If a small firm wants its own hardware in-house, Fonality www. Firms that need features and functionality beyond those of the SOHO market can move to business-class service. These are generally full-service VoIP phone systems that provide the same or greater levels of functionality and dependability for the same or a reduced cost as traditional PBX systems. Companies such as Cisco Systems www. These types of systems allow firms not yet ready to make the switch to dedicated VoIP services for external communication to obtain the benefits of VoIP systems internally.

This is most often seen in the form of unified communications discussed below combining voicemail access, call forwarding, messaging, and more. Firms can take advantage of enterprise-class services services generally found in very large companies that have high levels of data and voice communications through both virtual and on-site systems.

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Firms that do not want to be tied to proprietary systems can use an open-source VoIP system. One example is the Asterisk open-source telephony project www. Asterisk-based systems have been developed by Fonality www. If you decide to get VoIP service, you will need to consider several facets of your office wiring and phones. First, make sure that existing network wiring can support VoIP traffic. At a minimum, existing network wiring should be installed and certified as category 5.

VoIP uses existing networks to deliver its service, but voice traffic and call quality depend on the ability to deliver steady streams of information from phone to phone. Traditional network traffic is chopped into packets of information and there is not as pressing a need for those packets to arrive in a sequential manner and, with the speed at which dropped packets are retransmitted, most people will barely register lag issues with data.

A good rule of thumb is that, if the wiring in the building is more than 10 years old, then consider getting it certified. Second, ask whether a traditional phone is needed at a particular location. One benefit of VoIP office phone systems is that softphones can replace traditional desk phones in many instances, thus freeing valuable desk space. Add to this the fact that the cost of the softphone often is substantially less than the cost of a physical telephone. CTI allows you to integrate your computer and telephone systems.

Several practice management programs allow you to use the information contained in their databases to make and receive phone calls and faxes and to provide caller information that can be captured by the program. Several time and billing programs are capable of capturing communications such as telephone calls for billing purposes through use of additional modules or third party products. Communication has never been more important or more challenging to a lawyer than it is today. Office phone, cell phone, email, fax, text messaging, social media services: Until recently, all these disparate forms of communication required the use of different hardware and software to place voice calls or send messages or faxes.

However, users are increasingly demanding the ability to manage as many communications as possible from one application. This is where the concept of unified communications UC comes into play. But what does unified communications really mean, and how can it help lawyers? The concept itself is simple: Voice mails are transformed by the VoIP system into audio files, which are then delivered to the recipient as email messages with an attachment and blended into the queue along with traditional emails, instant messages, and faxes.

But voice calls are just one part of UC, which also encompasses convergence of voice mail delivered to your email inbox. With UC, users can elect to receive an email notice when they receive a voice mail or elect to have the actual voice mail usually in the form of a. Incoming faxes are forwarded to the email inbox in either a tagged image format. As a result, voice mail and faxes are now available from any location that provides you with access to your email.

For faxes, it has the added benefit of converting the paper document into an electronic file that can be easily saved with other documents on your network. UC provides the ability in many instances to integrate both calendaring and contact-management software, such as Outlook, for use with the phone and data services.

Additional benefits of UC include the following: Depending on the choices a firm makes whether to use hosted VoIP and UC services or to bring the hardware and software in house, you can implement the various aspects of UC in stages. This can prevent your staff or infrastructure from becoming overwhelmed. A small office can take advantage of a majority of UC services using providers such as Vonage, Fonality, or OneBox for a reasonable cost per month.

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VoIP offers flexibility and robust service, making it appealing as a communications tool for law firms and other organizations. If you are not currently using a VoIP technology, you should consider it when you next upgrade your service. Now is the time to review how voice communications are handled in your office. Review your current phone, Internet, and other services such as voice mail bills so you can better understand where you are spending your money.

Use this information to consider whether any of the technologies discussed in this article may help to reduce or eliminate unnecessary costs or duplications of service. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page.

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