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Edit this Page Edit Information. Buy on Amazon. Add to List. Your Rating: Native Title: Ai Qing Zhan Xian Genres: Romance Tags: Love Triangle Country: China Type: Drama Episodes: Not Yet Rated Watchers: Add Cast. Wallace Huo Lu Yun Fei. Christopher Lee Lin Lizhong. Lim Yvonne Su Fei. Luo Shan Shan You Li. Write Review. Other reviews by this user. Sep 14, 21 of 21 episodes seen. Completed 0. Posted 27 June - Posted 06 July - Posted 10 July - Posted 12 July - Posted 15 July - Posted 17 July - Posted 30 July - Edited by minivicki, 29 March - Max 3 pics per post.

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Posted 15 August - Posted 23 August - Posted 03 September - Posted 11 December - Posted 09 January - Posted 03 February - Posted 29 March - Max 3 big pictures. Posted 15 April - Posted 17 April - Posted 19 April - Posted 20 April - Posted 21 April - Posted 23 April - S i also felt sorry for christopher's character. Posted 02 May - Posted 03 May - Posted 21 August - Posted 26 August - The drama is going to be aired on my cable tv.

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  • A Mobile Love Story 爱情占线 - EP1.

I really hope that it's gonna be a happy ending for Wallace, I mean Yun Fei. Posted 10 November - Posted 24 November - Posted 07 January - Posted 08 January - Posted 18 January - Thank you for the pics I hope it's a happy ending too.. Cause I don't like depress drama.. It makes me think alot after watch it.

Posted 21 January - Don't worry, it's a happy ending!

I don't like sad-ending too. Life in this world is full of that. Most of the time, I like to know the ending before watch it.. Weird, right.. A tragedy, the film is considered one of the most romantic by the American Film Institute 9 on the list and is one of the highest-grossing films of all time. He meets Jennifer "Jenny" Cavilleri, a quick-witted, working-class Radcliffe College student of classical music; they quickly fall in love despite their differences. When Jenny reveals her plans to study in Paris, Oliver is upset that he does not figure in those plans.

He proposes, she accepts, and they travel to the Barrett mansion so that she can meet Oliver's parents, who are judgmental and unimpressed with her. Later Oliver's father tells him that he will cut him off financially if he marries Jenny.

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After graduation Oliver and Jenny marry nonetheless. Without his father's financial support, the couple struggle to pay Oliver's way through Harvard Law School ; Jenny works as a teacher. Oliver graduates third in his class and takes a position at a respectable New York City law firm. They are ready to start a family, but fail to conceive.

After many tests Oliver is told that Jenny is terminally ill. Oliver attempts to live a "normal life" without telling Jenny of her condition, but she finds out after confronting her doctor.

A Mobile Love Story

Oliver buys tickets to Paris, but she declines to go, wanting only to spend time with him. To pay for Jenny's cancer therapy, Oliver seeks money from his estranged father, who asks him if he has "gotten a girl in trouble. From her hospital bed, Jenny makes funeral arrangements with her father, then asks for Oliver. She tells him to not blame himself, insisting that he never held her back from music and it was worth it for the love they shared. Jenny's last wish is made when she asks him to embrace her tightly before she dies. As grief-stricken Oliver leaves the hospital, he sees his father outside, having rushed to New York City from Massachusetts as soon as he heard the news about Jenny and wanting to offer his help.

Oliver tells him, "Jenny's dead," and his father says "I'm sorry," to which Oliver responds, "Love— Love means never having to say you're sorry. Erich Segal originally wrote the screenplay and sold it to Paramount Pictures. While the film was being produced, Paramount wanted Segal to write a novel based on it, to be published on Valentine's Day to help pre-publicize the release of the film. When the novel came out, it became a bestseller on its own in advance of the film. The original director was Larry Peerce. He backed out and was replaced by Anthony Harvey.

Harvey dropped out and was replaced by Arthur Hiller. Jimmy Webb wrote a score for the film that was not used.

Love Story in Dream

The main song in the film, " Where Do I Begin? Love Story " was a major success, particularly the vocal rendition recorded by Andy Williams.

Mobile Love Story (愛情佔線) (2007)

The film was an instant box office smash. Roger Ebert gave the film four out of four stars and called it "infinitely better than the book," adding, "because Hiller makes the lovers into individuals, of course we're moved by the film's conclusion. Why not? It's the telling that matters: And it is hard to see how these quantities could have been significantly improved upon in 'Love Story.

Newsweek , however, felt the film was contrived [8] and film critic Judith Crist called Love Story " Camille with bullshit. Seeing the characters in the movie We get precious little, and love by fiat doesn't work well in film. There is scarcely a character or situation or line in the story that rings true, that suggests real simplicity or generosity of feeling, a sentiment or emotion honestly experienced and expressed.

The film is scored number nine on the AFI's Years The film also spawned a trove of imitations, parodies, and homages in countless films, having re-energized melodrama on the silver screen as well as helping to set the template for the modern " chick flick ". At the time of release, it was the 6th highest-grossing film of all time in U.