Samsung galaxy s2 freezing after call

FIX Slow, Frozen, Android CRASHES 💥 Cache/RAM TIPS

Safely remove your SD card. From the home screen, tap the Menu key. Tap Settings. Scroll to and tap Storage. Scroll to and tap Unmount SD card. Tap OK. Remove the SD card. Perform a soft reset. A soft reset restarts your phone and does not erase any of your content or data. Turn your phone off.

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  • Samsung Galaxy Frozen on Startup? Here Is the Solution-

Remove the battery. After 30 seconds, reinsert the battery. Turn your phone back on. Determine if your phone has low memory. If your phone has low memory, troubleshoot low memory issues. Clear the application cache.

Please help me! My samsung galaxy s2 is completely frozen! | Tom's Guide Forum

Clear the application cache on your applications to free up space and improve performance. Be sure you clear only the application cache and not the application data. When you clear the application data , it removes your personal settings and info such as login information and high scores. Well its been 2 years and its still going strong, yep little workhorse great phone very reliable have not had many problems at all some say battery life is not good but I find if you turn things off,, like shut them down when not using them my battery stays way longer before recharge still runs smoothly and fast , only reason I will upgrade soon is to get 4g so definitely looking at Samsung S4 and hopefully luck of the draw will get a good one but overall this S2 is still a great Phone.

The size, The look, and has a pretty fast processor that does the job. So am much as it is not the latest in the series it holds it own never the less. I also love the shape and it is a good size not too huge and not small either. This phone holds its age amazingly and is still one of my favourites, even though I now use an S4 mini.

It is super fast, robust and has a great screen and battery life. Mine still performs like a workhorse after all these years. The phone is just the right size to balance large screen and thumbability. The only negative I would say is the faux silver bezel wears away, making the phone look shabby. Samsung's plastic battery cover is also its only lowlight. Great screen size, Excellent battery life, Good button design, Excellent Performance Faux metal bezel wears, Plastic battery cover. I have ordered this phone as a second phone. I am using the same brand sgs2 for the past year and half.

Considering the many mobile phones available in the market SGS2 has the correct size.

Please help me! My samsung galaxy s2 is completely frozen!

May be the younger people like it for the bigger screen but the bigger size is too big to hold in the hand and to put inside ones pocket. More than anything else, the international version of SGS2 has so many different firmware ROMs developed by various developers although official versions are no longer available from the manufacturer.

I have bought the second phone thinking that it may go out of production. So I will keep it fully loaded with all my programs without the battery, to be used on a future date when my SGS2 fails. Reliable, energy efficient, can install a higher capacity battery. I particularly like its size which nicely fits to the hand and the pocket.

This phone is owned by my most reliable daughter and still the overpriced, yet extremely fragile screen has broken for the second time. They charge enough for these things to include toughened glass instead of being cheapskates and skimping on a component which is a critical and very exposed part of the assembly. Completely ruins what is a nicely designed and smart looking phone.

Nice design, stylish Screen is extemely fragile, pront to breakage and expensive to replace. I have to take the phone to telstra who may send it away for me - maybe away for 2 weeks this is my business phone. Screen broken from the first month ,I had to pay bucks to fix it. Can not download any app. I really regret buying it. Worst phone I have ever owned! I would rather own a brick nokia phone than use this.

Constantly going out of reception, or into "emergency calls only". Only way to fix it is to turn it off or take the battery out. Constantly freezes as well and overheats. Been into store to try and get it fixed, but because of samsungs [censored word removed] rules, you have to send it away for repair 3 times before them even consider replacing it whereas apple will replace their phones straight away.

In summary, this lemon phone fails to actually do anything properly. Call quality is atrocious, low headphone volume, unresponsive touch-screen, pink centre in camera, terrible battery life, slow charging, unreliable software, poor reception, cannot see display in sunlight, sluggish response. I would highly suggest to avoid this dud phone like the plague.

I have had two of these and they were both atrocious. Well, where do I start? The phone s is just a complete lemon. Nothing on the phone works properly. The device frustrates me to the point where I have almost just binned in a couple of times, the 12 months were finally up and so I bought out of contract. I'll put in the "features" and explain the issues: I'm trying to return the device and claim a refund so this is a summarised copy of what I wrote to Samsung.

Why does my Samsung Galaxy device keep crashing/freezing and how can I fix it?

Battery life and charging: Also sometimes it would have a mystery battery drain, Samsung were adamant that it was a third party app. I logged it and turned out to be part of the phone's framework called "SVNET" malfunctioning which is commonly reported. Granted my iPhone 3Gs wasn't great for battery life either but it was predictable and would fully charge in an hour tops.

Call quality: The earpiece sounds muffled and people I call almost invariably complain that I sound distant and like I'm in a tunnel with weird echo sounds, basically terrible, I have left myself a voice message and it sounded awful. I always have reception problems with this phone, I am often the only one in a group without service as well all too often.

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Apps don't crash too often which I have seen on friends devices but the entire phone just restarts itself, completely out of the blue. Even in it's current "factory fresh" state sitting on a shelf it randomly restarts. Headphone output: Is incredibly weak, I have sensitive Ultimate Ears earphones and they are only just adequate for modern pop music, forget turning up classical. Connected to an Auxillary source is obviously a waste of time as it's simply too weak. The general quality is average in sunlight, but there is a major pink spot and green edges and the focus is both slow and more often than not, simply fails to get focus on what is tested no problems for my 4 year old Nokia E71 which results in a blurry image, Low light performance is terrible, It's only redeeming feature is that the flash is very bright.

The display is extremely unresponsive, often missing or hitting the wrong key in SMS's. There is another "demon" to the touchscreen and that it seems to jitter around wildly when the phone is charging, which it generally needs and you can only use it when you unplug it. I'm smartphone veteran, I owned the first Windows mobile integrated phone the Qtek and moved onto the i-mate, a Palm and then a Nokia E71 before moving to an iPhone 3Gs Granted those devices had some flaws and limitations but as a whole, they did their job and were generally reliable..

Good size, Slim design, powerful flash makes a great torch, Jelly cases fit securely. Battery life, Reception, Camera, Touchscreen, I've had the misfortune of owning two of these duds.

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  4. It used to jam and I had to turn on and off, but since I downloaded upgrades, it doesn't do that anymore. The keypad is not accurate so am constantly correcting errors when texting, iphone keypad is far superior. Love the talking GPS and the talking text function. When my contract ends, I will get an iphone. My Samsung Galaxy S2 freezes constantly and you then have to take the battery out to restart Phone Will go days with no problems then it freezes over and over again.

    Not sure whether Samsung have looked into this issue and have attempted to improve with the newer ones but I will be checking prior to purchasing. Great graphics freezes constantly and turns off.

    I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S11 in Dec Within days it stared to "freeze". The only way to restart was to remove the battery. Very inconvenient!