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The software now means your mobile will support one of the most popular streaming formats on the internet.

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Simply upload the content and get watching. On my trial the streaming of the clips was a little interrupted but on the whole it was as quick as watching YouTube content on my PC, which means I'm going to be watching even more now. Do you recommend it?

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And now you can make sure that addiction doesn't get in the way of your normal life by accessing all the View full description. PROS Quick to load content. CONS Some interruption of streaming. Softonic review If you love watching movie clips, music videos or just funny footage of people falling over then the chances are you're addicted to YouTube.

Adobe Flash Lite View Flash content on your phone.

The Very Best Free Software for Windows Mobile Phones - Smartphone or Pocket PC

Net Compact Framework 2 to work. It does not sync with Outlook Notes, but syncs with Outlook through Tasks. After you have installed it make sure you do the following for it to work: Start NoteBarn. The above will create a task called "My Notes" and this is where the notes will end up in Outlook. One reason I like this application is it starts in T9 mode PocketNotepad. It will not synce with Activesync however. But it does come with a free trial. If you really need your smartphone to sync with Notes in Outlook then you need to use this application.

It really works! These programs let you listen to radio music on your pocket pc or smartphone. Big R Radio. La Vella Mobile Radio. Record Conversations. In the past I owned a Motorola V During a conversation I could easily press a button on the side of the phone and it would record part of my conversation.

This was very helpful when I was driving or when I couldn't get to a pen and paper and someone was telling me a number to call or an address. I could easily stop recording after I got the information, by pressing the button again.

It also had a button on the side of the phone for recording the conversation. The only problem with it, is it only recorded the other persons voice and not mine. But I learned how to make that work. The Notes application in Pocket Pc's and the Voice Notes application in Smartphones only records memo's that you dictate. But they will NOT record conversations. However, I tried three of these on my PN and they did not work! Some claim that if it only records your voice then you have to put it in speakerphone mode. Well, they didn't work in speakerphone mode either.

Most of these applications also claim that it only works on a Pocket PC in speakerphone mode. Please help me finish this list by letting me know if your windows mobile phone records both parties in a conversation using the applications below or any other application. You may need to try it in "speakerphone" mode. Please leave a comment to let us know.

PHM Registry Editor lets you edit the registry of your windows mobile phone. Remote Control. You can control everything with the keyboard and the mouse. You can also capture screen images from your phone. Just take the. Just copy the. Instead of showing you where to get ringtones I wanted to show you how to put custom ringtones on your windows mobile smartphone. Most smartphones will be able to use. Then they should show up as ringtones. Pocket PC: Or you can put it in My Documents or My Ringtones.

In one of those locations they should show up as available ringtones for the phone. If they don't show up as available ringtones you can always use a file explorer on the phone, navigate to the ringtone, and then with your stylus hold down on the audio file until a menu pops up. One of the options should be set as ringtone. Making Ringtones: You can also use a free program called CDEX located at http: Afterward you can use a free program called Audacity located at http: To set your phone to ring and vibrate at the same time you have to understand windows mobile profiles.

Default Profile Settings: Normal - Rings and message tones are set to one less then loudest volume. Silent - Phone will not ring or vibrate, it will just light up. Meeting - Phone will vibrate for calls, messages and alarms. Outdoor - Rings and message tones are set to loudest volume. I like to edit the Outdoor profile and change the ringtone and the message tone to Vibrate and Ring. In that case if I am in a noisy environment and I can't hear my phone, I will be able to feel it vibrate.

Screen Capture. You can also use My Mobiler above to capture screen shots of your phone. Stopwatch Smartphone. It can identify the names of the stars for you. Leo's Void Smartphone. Ephemeris 1. It also displays the current phase of the moon. Including a moonphase calendar. Task Manager. But many Windows Mobile 5 Smartphones do not. My Verizon PN does a pretty good job of monitoring the tasks and shutting them down by itself.

But sometimes an application gets stuck and it is nice to be able to use a task manager to end it. WM5 Task Manager works well for that and it also displays your current battery level, RAM usage, internal memory available, and storage card memory available. Theme Generators.

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When I first saw Theme Generators I was excited because I thought that I could customize the size of the icons and choose what programs are displayed on the Today Screen. I was wrong. Theme Generators basically let you change the text colors, the bar colors and the background images. If you want to actually customize the Today screen then go to the section: Customize Today Screen But if you want to create a theme then here are a few programs to use: Microsoft Theme Generator.

Microsoft has two theme generators. ThemeGenCE 2. Tuner Pocket PC Only. UnZIP Utility. ZIP files when you download them from the web. This program lets you unzip and run the. How to unzip: The bad thing about this utility is it doesn't automatically let you run cab files from within zip files. You have to unzip it first and that is not self-explanatory. It sometimes pauses or skips frames on certain video files. Avot lets you search for videos that are available on the web and then it streams it to your cell phone. By Jeff Baker. Tweet -. Newsletter Don't miss out on new Internet Tips and Tools.

Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner. Back to www. Hi, Nice review of phoneAlarm - but you really should get yourself a new skin ;- There are some really great ones now available on the website at www. See http: Hey Luis, that X-button software comes with the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade. By the way, if you have an HTC, their website is offering a free upgrade from WM5 to 6, but you must do it before Feb 1, or it will be gone!

Great website, thanks! Nice compilation - just a remark to the TouchPal keyboard: Badly programmed. Ever tried to uninstall it? Created a whole mess on my HTC Touch I downloaded the file and put it in my programs folder on my Samsung but I can't extract it or do anything with it. I would appreciate ANY assistance!!

Deb, Go to the link: Cab files are what can be installed in windows mobile devices. Copy this cab file to your phone's 'My Documents' folder. Jeff http: I have a Samsung ipw.. Once the phone was flashed in the phone settings the tab that contains, call waiting, call forwarding, call barring was removed.. I'm in need of HELP! Please email if you can help.. I've found some great themes ,homescreens for WM on my smartphone on smartphoneforyou. Can anyone help me doing that?

I have Asus P I have downloaded dictionary and it works like a charm. One hardly comes across a dictionary in the net given away free. Thnak you and keep up the spirit. I noted the content saying ,no software is available to record the telephone conversation on both persons. Very useful files search engine. I found that you can record your conversations while in a call, it's kinda complicated though. You have to put your call on speaker phone, then click on notes, menu, show record tool, then you can begin recording.