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And while it lacks the waterproof design that one can easily forgive when they look at the tiny price tag in comparison to the other flagships, it quickly makes up for it with Dash Charging, powerful processor, lots of memory and storage, ultra slim bezels, updated camera and added facial recognition feature. Unlike Apple and Google, it stubbornly retain the much loved headphone jack.

Apple Maps vs. Google Maps: Which is better at helping you find your way?

Even with all those goodies, it still manages to maintain the same price tag as the OnePlus 5. You can access the latest prices by major online retailer by clicking on the headings and images below. The latest from Apple, the iPhone X, the 10th anniversary smartphone has the largest retina display at 5. There is the question of the funny cut out for sensors and cameras on the top bezel which is bound to put some people off.

A big leap in deed from iPhone 8 and 1, x 1, ppi , to a much sharper 2, x 1, ppi. While the display does not quite go right up to the edges, it has a chin-less design and a high screen to body ratio of Both front and back of the phone is covered in durable glass. The True Tone display has a high one million to 1 contrast ratio for true black and high brightness as well as wide colour gamut. The biggest Galaxy Note to day, Samsung pull out all the stops with this new Galaxy Note 8 and before you start judging, they promised to have thoroughly tested the battery this time.

The 6. You can search for a specific location using the search bar at the bottom of the screen and change the map settings map, satellite, or transit by tapping the information button in the upper right. As for Google Maps, there are fewer icons initially presented on the screen, but more options to change your map: Explore, driving, transit, satellite, terrain, traffic, and biking.

Google also has 3D models of most buildings i. The Empire State Building actually looks like the building and not just like a flat rectangle.

Apple has these in some locations, but not as often as Google Maps. Both base their arrival estimations on current traffic conditions. Red sections along your route indicate heavy traffic, yellow is moderate traffic, and blue is no or little traffic.

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You may also see various alerts, from accidents to road closures. Google is a bit clearer when it comes to how traffic will impact your commute by showing the travel time in red to indicate there is heavy traffic. Other than the differences mentioned above, this section is very similar for both versions. Google has a few more options on the main screen, such as sound, compass, and quick search, making it easier to tweak your settings on the fly.

Apple Maps vs. Google Maps

There are some standout features for Apple Maps, such as is its integration with iOS. You can also open maps, cancel an in-progress route, and make other small adjustments using just your voice.

This feature enables you to explore densely populated urban centers in 3D landscapes composed of models of buildings and structures. Flyover also has what are known as City Tours, which guide you around various landmarks in a city. As for Google, there is a lot that stands out for this service.

Where Apple has Flyover mode, Google has Street View, which provides panoramic views of many streets around the world. Google also lets you customize your routes by adding stops and avoiding tolls. Google also has primo offline planning for those with limited access to WiFi or data. While Apple Maps uses slightly less data than Google Maps, Google makes up for that by allowing you to download entire sections of maps for offline use.

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This is worth considering when it comes to how your data is stored and when your app will be updated. Google has different policies when it comes to how much of your data is collected and what it can do with it. On the other hand, Apple Maps is only updated when you update iOS, whereas Google rolls updates into Google Maps whenever it feels like it.

On the software side of things, Google tends to have better small city mapping data than Apple. Google also has information regarding opening times of businesses, descriptions, photos, and user-generated star ratings. Apple has this as well, but less often. The Galaxy S8 is powered by Android Nougat, which boasts all of the customisation options that makes Android such a popular choice.

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Those looking for the same slick software design as seen on the Google Pixel might be a little disappointed, since Samsung has layered Android Nougat with its own User Interface UI and icon design. But while it might not be as aesthetically pleasing, Samsung does include some genuinely useful functionality not available on other Android smartphones.

For example, sliding the onscreen shutter button up-and-down within the camera app will either zoom-in or zoom-out. The phone flaunts an eye-watering 5. Samsung calls its stunning new edge-to-edge design the Infinity Display — and it certainly lives up to the lofty title. By comparison, the chunky chin and forehead that bookends the 5. Not only is the Galaxy S8 cheaper than its Apple counterpart, but it also offers greater future-proofing, since Samsung allows users to expand the onboard storage via MicroSD.

Software features like HandOff lets users start drafting an email or text message on their iPhone, only to resume the document seamlessly as they move to an iPad or Mac. Likewise, Apple has a magical feature that allows users to copy content such as text, images, photos, and videos, on one Apple device, then paste it on another Apple device.

This level of integration simply does not exist when pairing an Android device with an Apple or Windows computer.