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In addition to the mouse and keyboard control, it also has a gamepad to let you play all of your favorite computer games.

5 best iPhone mouse apps to turn your phone into a PC mouse

It also lets you record macros so that you can automate tasks such as opening iTunes and changing a song. This app also works with Linux, which is something many other apps don't do. This app is probably the best free remote mouse and keyboard controlling app in this guide.

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It features multi-touch gestures, function keys, fully simulated mouse functions, voice recognition, and password protection. If you want to enhance your experience, you can pay to remove advertisements, add a media remote panel, and add customizable wallpapers. This free version offers a lot of the functionality of its full version, but lacks: Retina support, tech support, the accelerometer support, application switcher, media remote, and several other features.

It's still a great app, but I'd recommend the full version. For not much more money you get many more features. This is a very cool app.

It mimics the functionality of the Apple remote that used to come with Macs. The app is universal, so it works on your iPhone, iPod and iPad with just one purchase. It allows you to control many applications with tailored on-screen remotes, and is a must have for someone who uses their Mac as their media hub.

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It also works with Apple TVs, which is helpful if you lose the tiny remote it comes with. Unfortunately this app is Mac only, and works on Mac OS versions This may not be the best app out of the lot, but it has some very decent features. Besides the expected mouse and keyboard control, Snatch Pro is capable of using remote templates built for specific apps on your computer so that you can control them with ease. Have you ever been sitting at a distance from your computer in a relaxed state watching a movie or something and wanted to pause or rewind but did not want to get up?

If only there was a way you could control the computer from where you were. Maybe you could call for backup using your iPhone. I have a better proposal.

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There are a lot of choices so hopefully by the end of this article your lazy person problems will be over. The server is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers as well as systems running Ubuntu. The touchpad is responsive and allows for relatively smooth movements.

You can quickly toggle to the keyboard as well. After downloading the app, install the Remote Mouse Server. Alternatively you can disable auto-connect and choose to connect by using a QR code or by entering the IP address of your computer directly into the iOS app. Costea Lestoc. Remote Mouse If you have to perform a presentation, or if you plan to watch an online movie or transfer photos in just a few seconds, this can be easily done via an app that allows you to use your iPhone as a mouse.

Check out the best features that are included in this tool that lets you control your PC: Using the Remote Mouse app, you will be able to enjoy a fully simulated mouse. You can shut down, sleep, restarts and loge off remotely from your computer using this app. You will also get the chance to type with your voice remotely.

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The app provides password protection, a customizable interface, customizable wallpapers. How to fix mouse lags in Windows 10 and make it fast again.

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Make sure to take a look at more key features that are packed in this app as well: With this app, you can also use your phone as a remote keyboard that is available in various languages, and it has special characters and Unicode. You will also get a timer for your presentations as well. This PC controller app allows you to lock and unlock your computer, and to maneuver over desktops screens. With just a single click, you can connect and disconnect and save your settings for quick access. Mobile Mouse Mobile Mouse is an app capable of instantly transforming your iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch into a wireless trackpad, keyboard, remote and even more for your PC running Windows.

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Check out more exciting features that are included in this app: You will not have to navigate to the taskbar or dock your PC anymore because Mobile Mouse supports multitouch gestures and it also comes with a special mode for using it as a Keynote and a PowerPoint remote. This app is ideal for anyone who is looking for a multimedia remote because it packs a multimedia mode and assignable hotkeys. It works exceptionally smoothly, and it also has a quick response time. The app offers multitouch support, and it supports up to three buttons and also an onscreen keyboard that you can use to enter text.

Another exciting feature is that if you connect your computer to your TV, Touch Mouse is the ideal solution for those moments when you want to control everything from your comfortable couch.

What kind of mouse and keyboard do you recommend for iPad PRO?

You will be able to click, point, scroll and type in any app on your PC. Touch Mouse by Logitech works over Wi-Fi, and this means that you can use it all over your home. In order to make typing much more comfortable, the text is displayed on the screen of your iPhone as you type and this way you will be able to see what you are doing without having to look up and down all the time. Other cool features include two-finger scrolling, show and hide the keyboard at any time, a keyboard with modifier keys and more.

The trackpad and the keyboard are available in landscape and portrait mode as well.