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Thread Tools Show Printable Version. July 9th, 1. Hi Supercell. I love the work you have been doing with Clash of clans for android and iphones, but how come there isn't a clash of clans for the Nokia Store? I've looked everywhere but can't find it. Please tell me that you are working on it because i've been waiting soooo long..

Thank you! July 9th, 2.

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You mean Windows Phone Store! Nokia is no more. July 9th, 3. Yeah, sorry. July 9th, 4. Since the Windows store only takes up a minuscule proportion of the mobile gaming market, it would not be in Supercell's best interest to make Clash of Clans available on the Windows store as there is no profit to be made. July 9th, 5. July 9th, 6. To do this, you will have to make a team of three dragons making sure that you have all the elemental types covered so you can have an edge on your rival and then attack by stopping a roulette at the right time in order to perform powerful moves.

Moreover, Dragon Mania Legends offers the possibility of leveling up your creatures and then evolve them, which is something so innovative joking. All in all, this is an example of a casual game suitable for all ages. The dynamics of the game is to raise and train our dragons to recover Dragonland hands of the Vikings, we will have more than different species of dragons that can raise and train.

The raise will provide gold can then use to create new habitats, buildings, etc.

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Entertainment , Mostly not much else though i mean wtf do you expect its a game. But I might use it for a cure to bordem in the near future.! But I might use it for a cure to bordem in the near future and for me. For downloading games and enjoying them as long as there are no bugs and my android is completely safe and free from any at all viruses that's the reason. I carried so many things from the gameloft company like asphalt8 other and nothing countless must help me please.

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I love dragon mania legends Could help me somehow. I would however really like this game. I Love the dragons and all the different types you can breed, also exploring the islands. Another thing I like about this program is battles. The Battles and when you get to accomplish tasks to get this amount of gems or coins, it's also fun decorating and getting new cool hybrid dragons! Gameloft has become one of the main publishers when we are talking about mobile games, spreading its influence over free-to-play games applying its freemium policies.

Dragon Mania Legends is not an exception to the rules of this market, developing a casual game with some RPG elements for breeding your dragon pets. The app is available to download for free in systems running Windows 8.

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After arriving in this fantasy island, reclaim what was once before Dragonlandia , the homeland of these cute dragons. Breed the different dragon species and rebuild their land to fight against the threat of the Vikings. Join the adventure of saving the habitat of the mythical creatures and discover a whole new, never-before-seen world. Join the adventure of saving the habitat of the mythical creatures and discover a whole never-before-seen world. The kind aspect of Dragon Mania Legends makes it suitable for any type of public , making it easier to develop its casual target for the average public.

The cute design of the dragons will make you want to hug them while you train and breed these creature to strengthen them. The design of the environments is mostly colorful, lending it a generally nice aspect. Beautiful world design.

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Although it may seem to be a building strategy game, the main objective is to take care of your pet dragons , looking forward to breeding them in their unique habitats. In doing this, you will need to get food and feed them, taking into account that the more they grow, the more food portions they will need to satisfy their appetite.

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The development of your dragons is really important once you need to enter into a battle. Dragons are sorted by type and power , just like any RPG game. Before going into the battle, you will need to set up your dragon team being sure to include all the possible types of having the advantage over your enemies. There are more elements that you will discover in your progress. These battles consist of 3-on-3 fights between dragons , with dynamic attacks in which you will have to stop a virtual roulette at the right part for dealing more damage.

Explore the whole land of the dragons with more than interesting points , and join your friends through the online third-party Facebook social content without an additional download. Dragon Mania Legends 1. Help your new dragon friend warriors altogether to restore their former habitat and fight the Viking rivals Simple interactive and casual gameplay suitable for users of any age for the rebuilding of the land of dragons Dynamic 3-on-3 battles unleashing the unique power of these mystical creatures Visit more than locations hiding the secrets of Dragolandia Feed your pets and watch them level up and evolve into their adult phase Meet the cute and nice variety of dragons and join your online friends in this adventure.

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