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This is a great theme available here for OTA download and free of course…. Thanks to mobilethemesworld. Sorry the image is so small but it should work! March 11, Categories: And our memory optimization suggestions , Bluetooth tricks and battery-life tips are sure to help keep your device running as smoothly as possible while you make your BlackBerry your own. This week, we're giving you the following theme tutorial to take your BlackBerry to the next level of customization. Icon, Today and Zen themes.

RIM BlackBerry Bold (9700) Wallpapers

Individual wireless carriers also often include their own branded themes. Icon themes are the simplest option and consist of a single home screen that's populated with all of your various applications and services--though you can pick and choose the apps that you want to appear on the home screen and which ones to hide. In any theme, the background image or wallpaper can be swapped out, but custom themes often included wallpaper that's somehow associated with the design of icons.

Using the Star Trek example again, icons may be designed to resemble the Star Fleet Insignia and match the wallpaper image of the U. Icon themes typically have the word "icon" in their names.

BlackBerry 9700 themes

Today themes are similar to Icon themes in that they all features a basic home screen that includes a listing of all the applications and services that users have not chosen to hide. However, Today themes also features a secondary screen that does away with all the icons and displays only specific text-based information on messages, calendars and call logs--though some Today themes may offer slightly different information on secondary screens. Again, Today themes frequently have the word "today" in there titles.

And finally, Zen themes, like Icon and Today themes, feature an icon screen with all the chosen apps and services displayed, but they a different sort of secondary screen.

BlackBerry® Bold™ 9700 (

Users can customize their secondary Zen theme screens to include the most frequently accessed programs. So, for instance, Facebook fanatics can move their Facebook for BlackBerry icons onto their Zen "ribbon" screens for easy access. The Zen ribbon is populated with the first five apps on your icon screen, as well as an icon that links back to all the additional applications.

How do you know if a theme is Zen? You guessed it: Most of the time the word "zen" will be in the name. A handful of new and unreleased BlackBerry devices also feature new theme configuration, included L and Precisions themes.

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For example, BlackBerry smartphones running handheld OS v4. BlackBerry handheld OS v4.

Free BlackBerry theme with a Vista twist

The upcoming BlackBerry Bold smartphone will feature Precision themes, which offer some degree of transparency so users can see--and presumably use--other icons and applications while another is selected. Stripped down versions of Precision themes for existing devices can also be found on the Web. Changing or switching back and forth between BlackBerry themes is simple and can be done in a matter of minutes--though each theme must be customized individually and this process can take some time. For instance, if you rearrange the home screen using an Icon theme and then switch to a Zen theme, you'll need to reorder all your icons.

However, if you then switch back to the original Icon theme, your icons will still be ordered the way you originally set them. To switch from one theme to another, click on your BlackBerry Options icon and choose Theme.

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You'll then see a list of all your available themes. Scroll down to the theme that you wish to make active--the word "Active" will appear in bold next to the theme that's currently in use--and then click your trackball. After a few seconds, you'll be returned to the BlackBerry Options screen. Simply hit Escape -- located directly to the right of the trackball--and you'll return to your main screen.

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Get better use out of your BlackBerry and keep up-to-date on the latest developments. There's certainly no shortage of BlackBerry themes available on the Internet.